In Canada we are familiar with ‘he shoots he scores’, but how about ‘he shoots he skis’? Despite being largely under-the-radar on the Canadian sports scene, the widely celebrated sport of Biathlon attracts roughly 1 billion viewers per year worldwide. Biathlon combines cross-country skiing with marksmanship, demanding of its participants a perfect balance of endurance, grit, and precision. As the most-watched winter sport in Europe, the best Biathletes in the world are revered by fans with the same enthusiasm and admiration Canadians have for our national Hockey heroes. And, while names like Martin Fourcade and Darya Domracheva may fail to resonate with the average Canadian household, their platform, success, and pure athletic excellence inspire Biathletes around the world to follow in their ski tracks. With Biathlon’s growing prevalence in Canadian sport, comes a new generation of Biathletes ready to compete on the world stage.

As Calgary native Reid Lovstrom glides down the ski trails of Canmore, Alberta on a crisp -20 degree morning, the sound of the booming European crowds still echoes in his ears. Having recently returned from representing Canada at the Junior World Championships in Switzerland, Reid is inspired to continue his quest to compete on the intensely competitive international stage. Through hundreds of kilometers skied, thousands of targets hit, blood, sweat, and frosty toes, Reid is aware of the challenges he faces in the competitions ahead. Preparation and perseverance are key to a Biathlete’s success; in each competition, a Biathlete is vulnerable not only to the sport’s complexity but its impressive track-record for unpredictability. Stiff competition, equipment malfunctions, volatile snow conditions, and uncontrollable gusts of wind are known to push even the most well-decorated Biathletes out of the lead and off the podium in a matter of seconds. A Biathlete must learn to embrace adversity and expect to be challenged, and, with steely determination, continue to power to the finish line.

At Aximus Engineering, we understand and appreciate the value of commitment, perseverance, hard work, and determination. We are proud to support Reid as he challenges the status quo in pursuit of his dream of Biathlon excellence. Follow us on LinkedIn.

Allan de Paiva

President at Aximus Engineering Ltd. | Project Management | Detailed Design | Facilities | Pipelines | Optimization